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Import / Export

  • ASCII point import and export in user defined formats
  • ASCII Import and export filters with user defined formats 
  • Download / Upload to Data Collectors
    • TDS
    • SMI
    • SDR2x
    • SDR3x
best fit points, least squares

Best Fit

  • Two-Dimensional least square approach for boundary analysis
  • Least squares adjustment
  • Individually weighed ( higher or lower priority)
  • Least squares, best fit line, curve and point transformation routines
Coordinate Transformation

Standard Coord. Transformation

  • Retain Original Data
  • Transform a set of points given specific linear and/or angular transformation values
State Plane/Local grid Transformation

State Plane / Local Grid Transformation

  • State Plane to Local
  • Local to State Plane
  • Single step Scale, Linear, Angular, and Applied Convergence Angle.
Point inversing Point Inversing
automatic creation of points
  • Automatic creation of points, point symbols, lines, curves, and breaklines.
  • Automatic area creation and annotation
  • Automatic bearing or azimuth, and distance annotation.
  • Alignments and Boundaries
  • Legal Description generator
  • Curves
  • Curve and Radial stakeouts
  • Offsets
intersections bearing distance


  • Bearing / bearing
  • distance / distance
  • Bearing / distance
  • Tangent curve
  • Perpendicular offsets
traverse sideshot calculation
  • Traverse / Sideshot calculation.
  • Predetermined Area (sliding or pivot)
  • Leader lines
  • Station lines


Generate metes and bounds style legal descriptions with user configurable phrasing and parameter formatting.